Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sports Cards, Boring.

You know when card collecting becomes truly fun? It's not really about pulling that huge hit, 1/1 super refractor, Hottest Prospect X, none of that stuff is more than a pissing contest. Who gets that first scoop on the newest product...Beckett or Blogs? Who fucking cares. Cards now are filled with such bullshit it's insane. Hype, flash, re-sell value, new reprocessed vintage set...big deal. Why did you or I get into cards?

I got into it thanks to my dad. I have fond memories of him taking me to card shops/shows/fests when I was real young...shit was surreal. Trading, buying, selling...of baseball players? I wanted some of my own.

Which is why when I played MLB Showdown I got that same feeling. A card game featuring baseball players...bye Pokemon. Tons of trading, all the time, and everywhere too. Online, in person, tournaments, friends. Thoughts of should I trade my Pedro for Ivan Rodriguez and Randy Velarde? These were my worries back in 2000. ...Wait, time out...I'm not sure who'd get the better part of that deal...like honestly that's a pretty solid deal.

I really miss this that the most. People just trading and enjoying it. Cards weren't worth much and we all knew it. And what reminds of that is an email I received recently. I wish more people were out there trading, I'd really love to get that 2003 Mark Grace Super Season.

Bring Back MLB Showdown.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Playoff Hockey

I always forget how much the onset of warm weather and playoff hockey goes hand in hand. I barely watch a regular season game yet I will watch every single playoff game. Hands down, the best playoffs in north american sports.