Thursday, July 29, 2010


Yesterday was awesome in terms of purchasing shirts. Again, fellow non blogger James and myself went to some thrift stores to see what we could find. First store, had two Brett Favre jerseys, both of which were with the Packers. I don't collect NFL jerseys, money saved. A few shirts down was an unreal find.

89 cents, 94 cents paid (Tax included). I've never seen an authentic Champion jersey in my life. In all honesty, I didn't know they existed prior to a few weeks ago due to an Ebay search. Not only was the shirt dirt cheap, it is in great condition, and to make it worth more, the NBA logo is gold, signifying the NBA @ 50 Anniversary. Dayyyyuummmmmmmm!!!!

Next up was to meet a guy off Craigslist who was selling Champion jerseys for $10 a piece. Seeing as how the majority of the jerseys sell for around $20 on Ebay, I was going to purchase at least 1.

Instead, I purchased three.

I can now finally fit in with all my friends back in 1992-1994. 7-9 year old me is very excited. Good condition, great color, dead team. I'd rather have 'Zo than LJ. Now only need to get a Vancouver jersey to complete the dead team tri-fecta.

Next up had to be Mighty Mouse. I've had this exact jersey for about 3 years now, just in the larger size. Ever since that purchase, I've told myself that I needed to find the same shirt in my size. Excited to have this in my collection, but the jersey itself isn't in the best condition, no big deal. Sorry for the dark photo quality, don't really know what happened.

Finally, I purchased this jersey:

Yep, Champion made Jim Jackson jerseys. I always liked the Dallas uni's in this color scheme. Usually non star players shirts sell for a decent amount on Ebay, so I picked this one up hoping to flip it. The jersey itself is a size 48, and doesn't fit me, so hopefully I can flip it, or trade it for a jersey in my size.

I'm still patiently waiting to find that Drazen Petrovic Nets jersey in a 44 size. If anyone reads these posts and has jerseys to trade, shoot me a message or post a comment.

Eventually I'll have all the 1990's NBA in my closet.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I haven't had a post in about a week due to work being real busy. However, after I was done yesterday, I took some time to browse around the city to a few stores and came to find this:

HORACE. GRANT. How could anyone give this shirt up, ever? Two things can top this shirt, the first would be that it's size was 44, the other would be a Bulls version. I'm not going to complain though since it was $4.00.

Back when my family went on vacation to Orlando when I was 10, the Orlando Magic had a team store in the Orlando airport. The walls were full of jerseys, and I wasn't sure if I wanted a Penny Hardaway reversible jersey, or a Horace Grant. I was wayyyy more a fan of Penny so that was an easy decision. Penny it was. I don't even know why I wanted a Grant jersey, but now 13 years later, my 10 year old self is at ease.

Hopefully I can continue the streak of solid jerseys.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Champions League Qualifying

Dinamo Zagreb

Dinamo 5 NK Koper 1

First leg went well against the Slovenian side. Mandzukic (2), Slepicka, Sammir, and Etto all scored for Dinamo. Tomislav Barbaric also was subbed in at the 60th minute. Second leg is July 20. at NK Koper.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Buying in Lots

I recently won a rather large lot of MLB Showdown cards on Ebay about a week ago. The majority of them aren't cards I need at all, in fact I need very few considering there are 40+ sets ever printed.

The main reason I purchased this lot was due to a rare promotional card of Luis Gonzalez from 2002. The set this card comes from is known as the Showdown Stars card set. I already had the other 4, and Luis Gonzalez was the remaining card for the completed set.


The binder these all came in was stuffed full of cards, with more than 1 of each player in the same pocket. I happened to pull out the Gonzalez to take this photo, and it just so happens, this lot contained two of these promos, crazy luck.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Not all is lost....

As everyone knows by now, Lebron left my hometown of Cleveland. Dan Gilbert then sent out a memo (in Comic Sans!) that made him sound like a 14 year old boy who just lost his girlfriend. However, yesterday overall wasn't a complete waste. Ghost writer Jim and I played 4 games of MLB Showdown 2001. Then hit up some thrift stores where he purchased a Nick Markakis and Steve Nash jersey shirt. Why were these in Ohio...I don't know.

The news in the basketball world happened for me...around 5:15 PM. One year ago I was about to go on vacation down south and wanted to bring an NBA jersey. Unfortunately the seller on Ebay didn't want to end the auction early and take my $25.00. Fast forward to now and $2.14 later and I am now the proud owner of this jersey:

Probably my favorite thrift store jersey purchase to date. Another guy there had a Sonics jersey in his cart, but it was the mid 90's one, not the one pictured above. Maybe it wasn't his size...I don't really know, nor do I care. Totally bad ass shirt to have. Now hope my luck keeps on the upswing and I can somehow grab Petrovic, Kukoc, and Radja.


Gone. Miami Heat.

It's still surreal. I expected it, but was still shocked when he said the words "South Beach". Shocked isn't the right word...gutted, is. Enjoy being the Scottie Pippen of this decade Bron.

Tonight you left the Cavs. That's fine and all. What's not fine is how fucked this city is economically. And I hate to say it, but we might not have a basketball team 5 years down the road if we continue down this path.

Thank you ESPN for again showing Cleveland's sports failures. I would love to have checked but you cocksuckers don't even have a site for small cities. Sorry we aren't Boston, New York, Chicago, LA or now After the his decision the show cut back to the panel and I had never seen Wilbon look as ghostly white as he did. He could barely form a sentence. He understood what just happened. The death of a franchise on National TV.

Lebron, if you really understood the history of basketball, you would not have left Cleveland. No LEGEND has ever left his city.

You will never be Michael, Kobe, or Bird.