Friday, July 9, 2010


Gone. Miami Heat.

It's still surreal. I expected it, but was still shocked when he said the words "South Beach". Shocked isn't the right word...gutted, is. Enjoy being the Scottie Pippen of this decade Bron.

Tonight you left the Cavs. That's fine and all. What's not fine is how fucked this city is economically. And I hate to say it, but we might not have a basketball team 5 years down the road if we continue down this path.

Thank you ESPN for again showing Cleveland's sports failures. I would love to have checked but you cocksuckers don't even have a site for small cities. Sorry we aren't Boston, New York, Chicago, LA or now After the his decision the show cut back to the panel and I had never seen Wilbon look as ghostly white as he did. He could barely form a sentence. He understood what just happened. The death of a franchise on National TV.

Lebron, if you really understood the history of basketball, you would not have left Cleveland. No LEGEND has ever left his city.

You will never be Michael, Kobe, or Bird.

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