Friday, July 9, 2010

Not all is lost....

As everyone knows by now, Lebron left my hometown of Cleveland. Dan Gilbert then sent out a memo (in Comic Sans!) that made him sound like a 14 year old boy who just lost his girlfriend. However, yesterday overall wasn't a complete waste. Ghost writer Jim and I played 4 games of MLB Showdown 2001. Then hit up some thrift stores where he purchased a Nick Markakis and Steve Nash jersey shirt. Why were these in Ohio...I don't know.

The news in the basketball world happened for me...around 5:15 PM. One year ago I was about to go on vacation down south and wanted to bring an NBA jersey. Unfortunately the seller on Ebay didn't want to end the auction early and take my $25.00. Fast forward to now and $2.14 later and I am now the proud owner of this jersey:

Probably my favorite thrift store jersey purchase to date. Another guy there had a Sonics jersey in his cart, but it was the mid 90's one, not the one pictured above. Maybe it wasn't his size...I don't really know, nor do I care. Totally bad ass shirt to have. Now hope my luck keeps on the upswing and I can somehow grab Petrovic, Kukoc, and Radja.

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