Monday, May 9, 2011

Blown Chance

Work until 6. See my Mom after for an hour or so. Go home, make a quick bid on Ebay and then go help a friend move. It's Sunday, I want to do none of those things, except see Mom of course.

So I end up placing the bid via phone and that is super confusing. Some real slow browser that I assume I'm hitting the buttons but the screen doesn't change. So I hit again, this time shoots me ahead 2 pages and I'm about to confirm a bid for $6,500 instead of $65.00. Shit, costly mistake.

Luckily I was able to sort the phone out and placed a bid. I changed it at the last second. $66, Mario Lemieux. Get home later, check Ebay.

$68 final. Fuck. Crushed..I had been watching this auction for a week debating should I BIN for $75 (I didn't). At least I saved about $75. No idea what I want to put that towards. And what was I bidding on....

1,500 new Showdown cards.


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