Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Hajduk

100 years old this year. Earlier this year torcida around Split celebrated by showering the coastal city with red flares. Watch the video below.

da života iman dva ja bi oba tebi da :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

10 years ago....

It was 2001. Holy shit, it really was 2001. I'm 14, most likely watching Baseball tonight in my room with no air conditioning. Aside from the tv, the only light comes from a desk lamp situated on my massive desk. this light also doubles as flood lights for a baseball game. My room is dark and very humid, which to me always added to the darkness of the room.

I honestly didn't care to ever turn on a light. I was too busy playing MLB Showdown with the 2001 Base Set. A 462 card set broken down into 400 commons and 62 foils. And yeah, I completed sets. And this month 10 years ago marks the release of 2001 Pennant Run.

Pennant Run was a set composed of 175 player cards and 25 Strategy cards. I'm gonna turn back the clock with the rest of this month and breakdown this set.

Even if you didn't play Showdown, there's some really fantastic names that make you go "did this guy really play pro baseball?"

Hope you enjoi