Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Grocery Store Shoppin'

Today I had to get my wisdom teeth out. It turned out that only one needed to come out which was a huge relief. After the dentist, I headed over to the supermarket with my mother to pick up my prescription. After going around the store for a little while, I found a rack of sports cards.

The first pack I pick up were some NHL cards from this past season with Crosby on the cover. Having the huge itch to get back into NHL cards, I decided that I would buy a few. Turns out, these stupid things are 2 packs of the stuff in the main pack, and at $9.99, I put it back.

Scuffling through the rest of the stuff lead me to something I couldn't believe. A pre packed single card pack for $9.99. It was a random "GAME USED MEMORABILIA" card of any NFL player. No longer did pack searchers need to dig through packs to feed their desire for a hit.

I didn't look to see exactly what company made this, but looking over the front of the package at the cards, it was certainly some half-assed third party company. The front showed various cards, most notably a Tom Brady patch card and a signed Reggie Bush jersey card from his college days.

No way in hell is anyone going to pull either of those cards out of a supermarket pre-packed $9.99 pack. I generally feel bad for the young kid who wants a "super premium" memorabilia card and shells out the $10+ for the pack, only to open it up and find some garbage card of a player the kid has never heard of.

Seriously, what the fuck is with this card business anymore?


--David said...

Exactly - WTF is up with companies pawning off cheap crap as 'ultra exclusive, rare memorabilia?' That's like those TriSar boxes with "1 auto card in every box" and you get some no-name nothing's card...

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jv said...

Where you been? Haven't read anything new in awhile.

Everything alright?

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