Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So this is my first post in nearly 4 months. So much for trying to update daily.

There are many reasons for not blogging over the last few months, mostly the lack of interest I had in card collecting once I started to see the way the hobby is going. I still read Wax Heaven and Sportscards Uncensored daily to see what is up with the blog world. Tribecards and Stale Gum are in there also.

School has taken quite a toll on me this semester, and with the lack of funds, I haven't purchased any new cards in quite some time. The last pack I bought was my Allen and Ginter in July.

This blog will see quite a few changes. First, I'm going to start covering sports, mostly Cleveland sports, and soccer. So if you are a fan of Cleveland, Tottenham Hotspur (England), or Juventus (Italy), well then you are in luck.

I will still talk about cards, and if you want to inquire about a trade for a specific team or player, let me know, I'm trying to slim down my collection to only a few cards that I want to keep.

Also, the MLB Showdown Collection Project is never going to end, so if you are into that, I'll talk.


Wax Heaven said...

Welcome back, hope you stick around longer this time.

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