Friday, December 19, 2008

Yesterday's Highlights, Christmas, and the Cavs

Here are yesterday's highlights from the UEFA Cup match against Spartak. Other notes about the game:

-Pretty sure that is the last we'll ever see of Gilberto in a Spurs shirt. After the match Harry Redknapp basically killed him off. Sad that the only thing Spurs fans will remember of the Brazilian is his botched game yesterday. He was a wasted purchase anyways. Thanks for that Damien, don't ruin St. Etienne now.

-Our draw in the UEFA Cup Knock-Out Stage is Shaktar Donesck. They are a solid team and a good test for Spurs. Luckily for us, Vedran Corluka and Roman Pavlyuchenko won't be cup-tied any longer. Should be interesting to see if 'arry goes with Ledley for one of the games, if at all.

Here's the goals from yesterday:

Luka Modric's first Spurs goal to make it 2-1.

Tom Huddlestone's goal to tie the game at 2-2.

I don't know how to post video's on this blog, so bear with me, sorry.

Christmas Idea:

If you read this blog; which I don't think anyone does, I'd like to send you some cards for free. Just post a comment about how you found this place and what you think about the blog itself. Pick a team you follow (sorry can't do players yet) and I'll get back to you within the week. Yes, I realize the cards won't make it to you in time for Christmas, but it's the thought that counts, no?


Cavaliers play tonight, in Denver and the tip is in a little bit. Cavs are 3-7 since Lebron and Carmello first started their "rivalry". Hopefully Denver continues to not play defense and the Cavs get a solid victory on the road.


Scott C. said...

Don't sell yourself short. I've had Attic Insulation in my Google Reader for a while now. In fact, its been there long enough that I don't even remember adding it. I suspect it was linked from another blog I was reading. As for the blog itself, i enjoy your writing. I don't even mind the new soccer focus. I played soccer when I was in high school so its kind of a blast from the past for me. Don't feel obligated, but if you want to send free cards, i collect Red Sox. Keep at it, you've got at least one reader!

Andrew said...

Thanks for your comments Scott. Email me at with your address and I'll send some Sox cards your way!