Monday, December 22, 2008

Tri-Star Productions

The most I have ever purchased of any Tri-Star Products was back in 2006 when I purchased 5 packs of those secondary re-sale packs. The only reason I purchased them was to get a free Jeremy Sowers autograph later that afternoon. While the packs will never contain any of those super rare chase cards, I had fun opening the packs. Where else could you open a BRAND NEW pack and pull a 1993 Topps Otis Nixon followed by a 1970 Joe Charboneau Rated Rookie? Nowhere.

However, at my work, we sell the Tri-Star one per pack Graded Cards. I don't like Graded Cards at all. I think they are a waste of time, especially on any current cards. I can understand getting a pre 1960's card graded just to keep it sealed forever so it won't be damaged by time any longer. However, if I pay about 20 bucks for one of these packs and pull a 1999 Upper Deck base card of Will Clark and it's only an 8, I want my money back. However, nobody should spend money on this product anyways.

Then they also have the 1 Autographed ball per pouch. There's plenty of variations of this, but usually I see the Hot Prospects version, the Hall Of Famer/Random Award Winner/Team Favorite/Milestone pouches. Both of these products, to me, suck. I'd never spend 65+ on one of these. And the people that do buy them have the look of shame when they open it and pull a Scott Williamson ROY. The usual end result I hear from the customer is "Do you know who this person is?" I usually reply with, "yeah, sorry about your luck!" with plenty of apathy in my voice.

A new product that we got in a few weeks back, are Autographed Bats from Tri-Star. This product hasn't been opened in front of me, and I highly doubt I'll ever see one being opened. I can't seem to find any breaks of it on Youtube, so I'll just take a guess and say that it's probably not worth a purchase, ever.

What does interest me that we just got in from Tri-Star is the Autothentics where it's a small blaster with an autographed baseball of a rising star, along with 3 packs all which contain autographs. The back of the blaster shows the big names that can be found, guys like Joba, Lester and co. However, I don't think I'd ever pull any of those, and I'd be left with 4 auto's of guys that will end up like Andy Abad or Jose Hernandez. I have been tempted to purchase one of these for about a month now, but I just can't bring myself to do it, even with a massive discount I currently have.

Going to Ebay and watching a few breaks I've come to think the cards themselves are very nice looking. One video I've watched has a guy pull a worthless ball auto and in the first pack pull a very nicely auto'd Jose Tabata card along with a parallel of Max Ramirez who is now with Texas. Pretty sure all the cards are on-card too, which is something I love.

I think I won't buy one of these, instead I'll scour Ebay to pick up a few of the autographed cards just because of how sharp these cards are.

One of the big hits of this set, above is Evan Longoria. His card is on Ebay right now, currently sitting at $6.50 (w/o S and H) and about 20 hours left. Glad I made the right choice not to buy one of these things.

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