Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Futera Unique World Football 2008 Breaks

The European Exquisite is what I'm calling this set now. Luckily one Youtube member has opened quite a few packs of this already and more than graciously allowed me to put his breaks onto Attic Insulation. Thank you very much johnsmithysmithy.

Just like Exquisite, these boxes are not cheap. They are about 400 British Pounds, and for johnsmithysmithy, that runs him about 800 Australian dollars. For us Americans, we'd be looking at spending roughly $600 on this. Now onto the breaks.

Break One:

Thierry Henry auto. Amazing card of a phenomenal player, and that pains me to say it since he is an Ex-Gunner. Also that legends of Football Zidane card is a card I would love to own.

Pack Two opens up with Jermaine Defoe, former Tottenham player. Currently plays for Portsmouth, but rumor has it he's coming back to Spurs. Pull of this card is a jersey card /285 of Brazilian and AC Milan player Ronaldinho. Completely gold plated too!

Break Two:

Pack One is highlighted by Tottenham Winger Aaron Lennon, a Legends card of Pele, and coach Tassoti. Also got a Paul Robinson, which is a bit unfortunate, but still a nice card regardless.

Pack Two has Aussie Harry Kewell and a David Beckham and Wayne Rooney patch card /350. Another legends card which got my attention is Paolo Maldini, who has spent his whole career (15+ seasons) with AC Milan. Just like his last big gold card pull, this time it's fellow countrymen Ronaldo, a legend footballer. Unfortunate his career was cut short by recurring knee injuries, but that still didn't stop "Fat" Ronaldo from having scored the most goals in World Cup History.

Break Three:

Hit one features a jersey of Wayne Rooney, the second Rooney jersey card pulled.

Pack Two features Frenchman and Inter Milan player Patrick Viera. The jersey card pulled is of AC Milan and Ballon D'Or winner Kaka. Great pull.

Break Four:

Legends of Football Diego Maradona. Arguably the best player to ever grace a pitch. American Carlos Bocanegra is featured in this pack as well. Shortly after Carlos was pulled, a two-colored jersey was pulled of Dutchmen Ruud Van Nistolroy and Roben Van Persie. Unfortunately it is an Arsenal shirt, /350. The pack also gives another Aussie, Timmy Cahill, currently at Everton.

This pack gives us two doubles, Patrick Viera and Carlos Bocanegra. The jersey this time is the same that was pulled earlier, a Ronaldinho. Not a bad double to have if you ask me.

Break Five:

I'm not sure, but I think the first two cards pulled (Michael Owen and the other player) are autographed. It'd be something to have an auto'd card of Owen, the former Ballon D'Or winner (in his days at Liverpool). Another big pull, another double. This time it's Van Persie and Van Nistoolroy again. It's kind of unfortunate to pull the big hits and already have one in the box, but it's trading material and the guys pulled are some of the biggest in the game right now.

This box is just loaded with Arsenal scum. A nice jersey but of an unfortunate player, Robin Van Persie. This pack ends off with Manchester City's super star, Robinho.

The final pack gives a rookie card of Samir Nasri, who I used to love when he was with Olympic Marseille, but he has since moved to Arsenal. Gennaro Gattuso jersey card from the 05/06 Champions League. Wow! That's quite a pull. The box comes to an end with Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo.

Overall a very nice product. Except the only problem is the overwhelming influence of Arsenal scattered throughout this product.

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