Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Philadelphia!

Pack 6
Marion Barber III
Ladianian Tomlinson
Brian Urlacher
Stars in Action Donovan McNabb
Matt Hasselbeck
Eli Manning
Donovan McNabb
Bobby Wade

I love the Stars in Action cards. Very sharp. Pack full of stars too.

Pack 7
Karlos Dansby
Patrick Willis
Jamal Lewis
Santonio Holmes
Jerod Mayo
Isaac Bruce
Anthony Gonzalez
Aaron Kampman

Second Brown! All that's left is probably Edwards and maybe Quinn/Anderson. The more I open these cards the more I love them. I love non-glossy basic cards.

Pack 8
Aaron Rodgers
Zach Miller
Terrell Suggs
Stars in Action Steven Jackson
Steve Breaston
Maurice Jones-Drew
Tom Brady
Lance Moore

Two #12's in this pack. Solid. I doubt I'm getting any SP's other than the Rockefeller, but I need to find a complete checklist for this set. I'd love to try and complete the set and then work on a master set. Last "master" set I came close to was 2000 NFL MVP. Crappy set but was so pumped when I finally got that last card to complete my main set. Went through about 3 boxes too.

Pack 9
Marcedes Lewis
Dallas Clark
John Abraham
Alex Karras Retro
Greg Camarillo
Antwaan Randle El
Devin Hester
Reggie Wayne

First Retro card. Other than that, I got nothing for this pack.

Pack 10
Brian Westbrook
Kevin Williams
Lamarr Woodley
Lockheed AC-130 Airplane
1965 Paul Flatley Buyback?
Percy Harvin (Rookie) Mini SP
Phillip Rivers
Hank Baskett

Cool History card. I'm big into those. The Percy Harvin Mini is solid too. But I honestly have no idea what this Paul Flatley is. It came in my pack in a penny sleeve, and at first I thought it was an auto. The card that came with it says "You have received a previously released collector's card!" The back says "Congratulations! You have received a trading card that was originally released in a previous product, re-purchased and is now being re-released for your collecting pleasure. Enjoy your card!" Uhhh, so is this a buyback? And I'd love to see how much UD paid to purchase this card to later put into this product. Pretty cool idea though. Hopefully there's a Jimmy Brown floating around out there somewhere.

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