Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Topps Series 2 Round 3

Here is some more 1999 wholesome goodness.

Pack 9:
Omar Daal
Chili Davis
Jim Parque
Ramiro Mendoza
Draft Picks Matt Holliday/Jeff Winchester
Draft Picks Brad Lidge/Mike Nannini
Draft Picks Nate Bump/Nate Cornejo
Draft Picks Austin Kearns/Chris George

Pack sent straight from God himself. Chili Davis, Jim Parque, AND Omar Daal? And then the rest of my pack was draft picks!!! I honestly don't know which draft pick is worth more, but my favorite one by far is Nate Bump with Nate Cornejo. Gives the Jung Bong/Brandon Puffer 02 card a run for it's money.

Pack 10:
Jeff Conine
Jeff Abbott
Ricky Ledee
Mike Lansing
Strike Out Kings Kerry Wood
Strike Out Kings Roger Clemens
2 Checklists!

2 Jeffs. Former Indian. Kerry Wood ROOKIE INSERT. And then a douchebag who is on the level of douchebag-ness of Curt Schilling and two checklists to finish off my pack. Excuse me while I get the taste of crap out of my mouth. Honestly this box is already ruined due to the Curt Schillings and Roger Clemens.

Pack 11:
Jason Giambi
Tino Martinez
Alex Rodriguez
Henry Rodriguez
Rick Helling
Tony Womack
Dave Mlicki
Alex Gonzalez

Pack is full of steroids. Only wholesome thing in this was the Tony Womack card, and he's even in a Pirates uniform. Or Dave Mlicki, I can't decide.

Pack 12:
Mike Blowers
Matt Morris
Gregg Olson
Tony Saunders
Rafael Palmeiro
Brad Ausmus
Steve Finley
Dustin Hermanson

I had never heard of Mike Blowers. Apparently he had been playing in the league since '89. I also had no idea that Matt Morris had played in the league before 2001. I did know that Greg Olson played for the Indians (3 Games, 2.2 IP). And that Dustin Hermanson is an alumni of THE Kent State University.

I have to find some way of getting pictures up here soon.

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