Monday, September 12, 2011

Card Show Pickups

Damn, two shows in a week? this must mean i will not find another show to attend in the area for at least a month. As mentioned before the mall show was just that, a mall show. Nothing spectacular but then again, I wasn't expecting much.

the show I attended yesterday was a hotel show. I grew up going to these so they hold a special place. Sucked I could only attend for an hour due to the Browns game. Regardless, there wasn't many tables (I'd say 10-12) so I only needed 30 minutes or so. Would love to have looked through the vintage stuff a lot longer though. Next time.

In my 30 minutes, I spend $50. So for my wallet's sake, a half hour would suffice.

My pickups are below:

Freddy Lynn. Now up to 11 autographs...only 82 more to go!

One dealer had this card for $3. I have no idea what it came from, but I'd like to find out (hint: help me out here!). All of these current "vintage" sets like Ginter all have flags in their sets, but this one is really cool. Completely defunct country and still the cause of many problems in that region of the world. Not to mention my ancestry is Yugo.

I love the back because it isn't entirely true. Many languages were spoken in Yugoslavia, I guess Croatian was the decision though. Serbo-Cro or Cro-Serbo would have been better, but whatever. I should try and flip it on Ebay talking about Beograd and Djokovic.


Brian said...

Looks like you picked up a 1962 or 1963 Topps Flag card. The TCG on the bottom of the card, along with the distinctive backs are the key pieces of information. A nice flag card nonetheless.

Andrew said...

Yeah, I was thinking it was a 1960's card.