Saturday, January 14, 2012


I love All Star Jerseys. I rarely ever watch the game. But the jerseys are some of the best things to ever be in sports, mid 1990's NHL third jerseys aside.

Shawn Bradley above epitomizes the sports landscape in the 1990's. How do we get fans excited and put butts in the seats, all while maximizing revenue even if the team is complete shit? Answer: Make the jerseys some form of teal. Brilliant. Countless teams did this. A few NBA All Star Games suffered from this epidemic. Ironically, I love both of those years (1994, 1996).

Shawn's photo is odd in that he was not elected to play in the Game in Minnesota. the photo is from the Phenoms (Kukoc, Radja, Lindsey Hunter!) played the Sensations (Bradley, Penny, Popeye Jones!, Calbert Cheaney!!!). No surprise the Phenoms won the game by 6.

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