Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Future Charge

Antoine Walker is one of the main reasons I fell in love with the NBA. Odd enough as it sounds. I don't know what every made me latch on to him. Of course I was a huge fan of Jordan, but what white 7-10 year old suburban kid wasn't?

Antoine played on some hilariously awful Celtics teams back in the 90's. And for whatever reason I always picked them in video games against my cousin....and dominated. You have no idea how great the pick and roll between Dee Brown and Walker was.

Add into the mix a player with the name Dana Barros, and I'm hooked. I never became a full fledged Celtics fan. Could never turn my back on the Cadavers. But I will always have a soft spot for that era of C's ballers.

I liked their green Jerseys. And I really loved dinosaurs at the time. My mind also believed every dinosaur was green. Celts also had Dino Radja, a shorter form of the word dinosaur (and a Croat!!). And Dino Radja was the man.

But honestly, who doesn't love dinosaurs.....

.....maybe people without souls (*looking at Carl Everett*)

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