Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Makes A Good Card Shop?

When you think of a card shop, what is the first idea that comes to mind? What do you expect to see when you walk in? Ideally, if you ran a card shop, how do you expect the experience to go?

I know we all have our favorite and least favorite locations, but what makes them that way?

I'd love any and all feedback.


AdamE said...

The number one most important thing is friendly knowledgeable staff. After that I want to see it organized. An uberorganized store and even great prices won't make up for a friendly persin behind the counter.

Some people will say prices on everything. I would rather there not ba a price. That way I can pile up a bunch of cards and say how much knowing the bigger the stak the cheaper the cards.

Fuji said...

1st Inning - Friendly Staff - You can never have enough friends who speak "cardboard"

2nd Inning - Bargain Bins - I'd hit up my local shop at least once a week if there was a chance I'd find a PC card in the bargain bin.

3rd Inning - Selection - I've been to several shops where they have 20 boxes or less... and for some reason I'm turned off. I want the option of busting a pack of 1985 Donruss baseball if I want to.

4th Inning - Competitive Prices - Obviously it's impossible to match online shops prices... but there's no way I'll buy a box from a shop for $100, when DA or Blowout sells it for $65.

5th Inning - Trade Nights - I've never been to one, but I've heard about them on YouTube & read about them on blogs... seems cool.

6th Inning - Autograph Signings - Loved going to these when I was younger.

7th Inning - Pack War Nights - About 10 years ago, I worked at a shop that held these. They gave out a ton of prizes and drew in collectors from all over the area. $50 got you a ton of packs... a few hours of entertainment... pizza and soda... and at the bare minimum a door prize.

8th Inning - Help Set Builders - One of my local shops has singles from almost every set imaginable (only problem is their prices are unreasonable - see 4th inning).

9th Inning - Kid Friendly - Like Whitney sang... "I believe the children are our future..."