Monday, July 14, 2008

New Low in Card Collecting

This is my first post in nearly a month. I'm quickly losing interest in sports cards. Perhaps it's due to the fact that I don't really have much money to splurge on cards, maybe it's because there aren't that many sets out right now that interest me, actually the main reason I'm losing interest in sports cards are PARALLELS!

These things suck. My favorite baseball player is Grady Sizemore. I like to think I have a pretty good card collection of him. Plenty of commons, some rare cards, some auto's and a lot of game used stuff. However, every time I head over to Ebay to see what I might want to buy, I get disgusted when I see 10 different listings on the first page of "GAME USED SWATCH UD SPECTRUM, PURPLE RAINBOW STORM REFRACTOR /75". That card is selling for 5 bucks. Cool, I'll pick that up. But wait, I'm not done yet as I've still have to purchase the /10, /55, /35, /105, and the ever so rare /555.

Seriously Topps and UD, stop doing this shit. I know quite a few blogs out there that I frequent (most notably Sportscards Uncensored) talks about this daily and I love reading about it.

However, when browsing today, I have seen it all. The 2008 UD Grady Sizemore Jersey out of their base set is not serial numbered which makes it not as rare. So how would the seller make this card seem enticing?

Yep, just plop a pair of pushed up tits with the card in the middle of the two. Genius. Whatever dude buys that card will be in heaven. Probably gloat to his buddies "d00d i just won a jerzey card of an all-star for 10 bucks and it was on some tits!"

Personally, I think this option of selling your cards is real tacky. Not to mention it screams white trash when you consider that in the lower left corner the woman's hand is pushing up her boob so the stupid card is "centered".

By the way, if you guys care enough to look at some of their other SUPER BOOB auctions, the persons name is sweet daisy20.

Have fun.

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