Friday, July 25, 2008


I am stupid.

I bought a box of 2008 Upper Deck SPX

Here is what I now own:

Triple Patch Jim Thome 08/15 (Phillies)
Triple Patch Derek Lee 07/25
Triple Patch Dan Haren 17/75 (Athletics)
Triple Patch Francisco Liriano 78/99
Triple Patch Jason Varitek 074/125
Triple Patch Jermaine Dye 078/125
American Hero Ken Griffey Jr 371/725
Young Star Signatures Nick Markakis
Rookie Signatures Justin Ruggiano
Rookie Signatures Josh Anderson
Rookie Signatures Chris Seddon
Rookie Signatures Rob Johnson

979 Yankee Stadium Legends Lou Gehrig

4 Dan Haren
11 David Ortiz
16 Derek Lee
23 Ken Griffey Jr
28 C.C. Sabathia
35 Justin Verlander
47 Jared Weaver
52 Brad Penny
56 Justin Morneau
59 Delmon Young
71 Cole Hamels
76 Freddy Sanchez
80 Barry Zito
83 Ichiro
95 Hank Blalock
100 Dmitri Young

Sure, the common set has really nice looking cards, but shouldn't a set that costs $175 per box have that? As Andy mentioned (and I ignored) when I bought it, this set is so stupidly paralleled. Being a giant light-weight when it comes to collecting cards, I honestly didn't full understand what this meant when he said it, and also being an impulse buyer, I figured I had some cash to blow so why not try and pull some Jay Bruce 1/1 or something. Whoops!

Well, the common set is solid, let's check out the inserts. We start first with the autographs. Talk about a great pull! Josh Anderson! Chris Seddon! Justin Riggiano! Rob Johnson! Honestly, I expected to get these black holes in a Topps Chrome box, not a set that actually is supposed to be worth something. I know I got Nick Markakis, and he actually will make a Major League roster in three years, but he isn't anything super special. For a set that is supposed to be as good as this, Nick Markakis isn't supposed to be my prized autograph. This blows.

Let's take a look at the jersey cards, surely I got a nice pull. Wrong. I got a Derek Lee serial to 25, which is nice but nothing over the top. The Jim Thome I have serial to 15 is really thick and has alot of jersey, which is nice. Wait, hasn't Jim Thome been on the White Sox the past few years? I guess SPX didn't get that memo so I have a 2008 Jim Thome Philadelphia Phillies GU card. God, fuck this set so much.

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