Friday, July 25, 2008


I spent my money on a box of Allen and Ginter two days ago. I still have not sorted it, I've just been too lazy. The other guy in this blog (maybe?) Jim, bought 3 boxes. I can't even begin to think what his biggest pull was.

My biggest pull was probably the Pujols jersey, but my favorite's of the box were the Dmitri Young bat card along with both Sizemore's I pulled (Flag and regular base).

In total, I pulled 5 relic cards.

-Dmitri Young Bat Card
-Jeff Francoeur Jersey Card (Home White)
-Albert Pujols Jersey Card (Grey Away)
-Paul LoDuca Bat Card
-Manny Ramirez Jersey Card (Home White)

For such a huge over hyped set, I am surprised at some of the inserts. Paul Loduca, really? I thought this guy was out of baseball.

Not really sure if I'll pick up another box again as I'll probably start buying hockey within the next few weeks. Most likely my buying will continue on Ebay for Sizemore cards (there's a few on there right now I'm looking at buying).

Also, a really cool note, the card shop Jim and I frequent the guy offered us $100 to come in and sort some of his cards. I'm not sure if he's serious, but how hard could it be to sort cards and laugh at all the names we scour through?

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