Sunday, February 12, 2012

Series 1

Yep. I gave in, like everyone else in the blogosphere/world.

I have no problems with it at all. I've purchased plenty of the flagship set over the years and the one design I hated was the black outline with the stupid dots/squares. Was that 2006? Or 2007? I don't know, it sucked.

2012 is nice. I don't mind it. Granted the one thing I really have no idea about are who half of the players are. truth be told, I don't follow baseball like I used to. I follow the Indians and Pirates, but not much else. As sad as this is to type (and also sound like a complete idiot), if I don't hear a players name off ESPN, I don't know them.

And the reason you are reading this...what I bought.

Blaster and 3 Rack Packs.

I like the gold cards. Reminds me of cheap Pokemon foils. No disrespect to topps. I like cheap looking foil cards.

I really like the tabata card. And I know who Arencibia is. Blue Jays semi-new logo is becoming one of my favorite logos in sports. At least Jays fans can take solace in the fact that they will end up behind Boston and New York, but their logo is the best.

Wish I pulled the Kipnis Golden Future though.

Both these dudes killed the Indians all the time. Would not be surprised if both photos were taken after hitting homers off Injuns pitchers.

Yeah, okay.

I don't rate Castro very high, and have no idea what Aparicio's numbers were. I know he had a MLB Showdown Cooperstown Collection card, but that was because he was a cheap contract to purchase for the card. I'm going to assume he wasn't very good. I'm lazy and don't feel like looking up stats. Chicago card, meh.


If there is one gimmick I will never grow tired of, it is retro cards. Add into the fact they are mini, and I'm sold. topps, take a bow son. And it's the 1987 set, dayummmmmm whoever thought of that should get a raise. I'm collecting all of these. I want nothing more of Series 1.

Side note: Please do another retro set in the 1991 Donruss. Can they even do that? Do they own the rights to Donruss? Honestly, I don't care, it needs to happen.

Obligatory manu-patch post. Wished it was Clemente, but Bench is cool.


dayf said...

I still haven't given in, ha! ha!

Andrew said...

Eventually dayf, eventually.

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