Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nothing really new

Yeah, I got two more Sizemore cards that I bought off Ebay this weekend, the 2004 Bowman Heritage serial numbered to /1955 and a 2008 Topps Moments and Milestones 22nd Home Run Card Serial Numbered to /10.

So far for the 2008 M&M set I'm going to try and collect a single card of each of the blue parallel for each of his 24 homers. 2 down, 22 to go...not bad for a complete shit set, huh?

I was also really bored and looked at some of my older cards and found my two Albert Pujols 2001 National Promo cards (for the Heritage set of 2001), and wow. Ebay had one going for nearly 60 bucks and Beckett Marketplace (ha) had one going for $125. Not bad considering I traded a few MLB Showdown foils a few years back to scoop up my second Pujols promo off my cousin.

I'm debating going to the card store to pick up some packs but most of the stores around here aren't really that great, aside from one. Guy specializes in wax and I might be waiting for more stuff (Allen and Ginter) to come out before I drop more money in his store. Plus the way gas is going, I can't really travel very far to find new stores.

If I get around to it tomorrow, I'll maybe upload some pictures of my Sizemore cards.

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