Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I'm sifting through my room and find a box of 2006 Topps Bazooka. Everything was opened except one pack so I figured why not open it and see if I pull a fourth game used card. Odds are 3 per box, and I've already pulled a single jersey (home) of Adam Laroche (Braves), game used bat of Chase Utley, and a game used bat of David Ortiz.

Wow these cards reek of the stale gum that comes with each pack. Pack contents are as follows:

Scott Rolen Blue Parallel
Brian Roberts Thick Gold Card
Oakland A's Comic (Breakup of Big 3)*
AJ Burnett
Matt Morris
Dontrelle Willis
Moises Alou

*Funny that I get this card considering Mulder went on to Saint Louis and was never heard from again, Hudson is with the Braves (no idea what he's doing), and the last strip talks about how the one pitcher from the "Big Three" that is left is Zito, and he's a stud. Boy, that's a fun card.

The Dontrelle card is cool though because he's in mid-windup probably about to throw a fastball which most likely was hit out of the park because he sucked that year.

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