Thursday, June 11, 2009

161 Million Euros

That's $232 Million Dollars. A hefty sum especially in the current economic climate. If you were given that amount, what would you do with it?

How about spend it in a matter of a few days on two soccer players? No, well then you wouldn't fit in at Real Madrid. This lot just dropped that cash on pure world class players Kaka (Brazilian formerly with AC Milan) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugese formerly with Manchester United). While these two are easily in the best Top 5 in the world right now, it's just absurd how much money was spent.

The best part, Madrid are still trying to get other players. Galacticos Round Two.

FIFA 2010 is going to be unplayable online this year, everyone will be Real while I'm still playing with Spurs.


jackplumstead said...

You have to think to youself in the current climate. Who will Spurs sign?

jackplumstead said...

Bloody ridiculous money though. Don't you think?

Justin G. said...

Crazy money. Imagine if Scot Boras had his hands in the pot? However, as a Liverpool supporter I'm glad to see Christiano out of the Premiership.

Andrew said...

Spurs will most likely overspend on players. We're actually being linked with nearly 15 guys leaving the Lane.

I'd love to bring in Pranjic (left winger) and Lavezzi (foward).