Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is it possible?

After being out of the loop for quite a few months due to school and work, I've come back to blogging. The hatred of Beckett seems to be dwindling (at least to me). However, the lingering fact that Beckett's Saving Grace, their "price guide" still is used by so many collectors.

After multiple conversations with my dad about my cards and how much they are worth (according to Beckett) I've realized he was one of the many who got caught up in the late 80's early 90's collecting craze. Granted for his sake, he had collected since he was a young child, and his collection will forever surpass mine, regardless of how many 1/1's or multiple relic auto's I pull. To see mint rookies of Kareem, Pete Rose, Joe Namath, it's humbling. He's got Yogi's, Mantles, Spahns...you basically name it.

A few nights ago, him and I were talking about Beckett and how it really isn't the true go to for pricing. I explained the whole Ebay versus Beckett and he understood and laughed at how him and I would save all rookies from anything. I'm sure my college education that I've been receiving will easily be paid off with those Tim Bogar rookie cards. And if Tim isn't a great money grabber, we still have plenty of mint Steve Finley's.

But the main point I want to ask all of you is this:

Is it possible to create our own Price Guide and update it via ending bids by Ebay? Sure you can remember all of the final auctions of a card you want, but I'm talking whole sets. For instance, when Allen and Ginter drops later this year, within a week or two, there could easily be an online Blogger made price guide and people would then be able to use that. Here's the kicker, they'd have a REAL expectation of what their card is worth. I'm currently testing this with my favorite cards, MLB Showdown. It's easy for me to test this on cards such as Showdown since the game and cards haven't been produced since 2005. The tricky part about this idea is that a set like Ginter would take quite a few dedicated people to help put together a price guide for fellow collectors/bloggers.

Do you think this would work or would it just be a waste of time?

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