Monday, June 22, 2009

So over the last month my computer has slowly been going downhill. Last week it finally gave into a huge virus/trojan and is currently being looked at by the Geek Squad. So any posts I've been wanting to make haven't happened due to this.

So in the last week I've done this:

Opened a box of 2002 MLB Pennant Run that I've had in my posession for over 2 years. Got a bunch of nice cards I've already had that I'll throw on Ebay. Got a few others that I really needed to finish building the set.

Went to Chicago to see the Tribe play against the Cubbies. Love going to Wrigley. Don't like seeing the Indians being the worst team in baseball, literally. The Nationals are not this bad. Records may indicate otherwise, but I don't buy it.

Found two auto'd baseballs my dad has upstairs. One being Ron Guidry. The other is Hank Aaron. Unreal. He's got so much old stuff it's insane and I plan on going through and cataloging it eventually this year to help see if I can finish sets for him.

Otherwise, I'm still not buying any cards. I'd love to bust a box of stuff but with the spending on $300+ on my PC fix, I cannot do that. I do plan on hitting up the National this year and have a fun competition with my friend on who can find the best garbage relic/auto card.

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