Thursday, September 16, 2010

1991-1992 NHL

Welcome back to the garbage wax rundown! After dropping some hot cards in the last post, I've found some other gems. This time, it's from the Coolest game on Earth...or, when the NHL mattered.

I like a lot of people played the hell out of the NHL series from 1994-1997. Nothing else to me mattered. I could run through a season in under a week. The addiction was high. My dad was a big hockey fan, which lead me to follow the sport. I really have no idea why he was so big into it, we didn't have an NHL team. Our IHL team (Lumberjacks) were real good though.

So all that love like everything else sports related translated into sports cards. A lot of them. All of them mishandled by my small feeble peanut butter filled hands.

This guy was awesome. One of the best last names in any sport, ever. And a good goalie. He was real sick in NHL 1994. As I said before, the NHL isn't the same. Quebec not having a team is a reason why.

I don't think any early 90's hockey blog post is worthwhile without Gretzky. Wasn't much of a fan of him, I loved Super Mario. Fact: After this photo was taken, Wayner purchased the T206 Wagner.

I don't know why, but I've always liked Nolan. So much so that I would always include him in my second line from 1994-1997. My teams were stacked and I cheated in a lot of trades to have the best team...who could blame me, I was 7 years old. I also own a McFarlane of Nolan.

I LOVED THIS GUY TOO. First line, legendary defender. On a side note, I hate those striped sweaters that the 'Hawks are wearing in this photo. I also really really really want this sweatshirt.

The Minnesota Wild are okay, but they are no North Stars. One of the coolest names in any sport. Great sweater. I miss this team so much. Eventually I will own the chase Mike Modano North Star figurine.

My favorite player of all time. Lil Theo. He could do all the coke he wants, he's a legend. And really, he's the only reason I even had an interest in Calgary. Dude was 5'2, didn't care about his body, and was quick as hell. When I played roller hockey, I thought I was Theo...except I wasn't fast, and couldn't really roller skate all that well.

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