Monday, September 20, 2010


The majority of my posts are about cards from either the late 80's or early 90's. This is when my foundation of card collecting started. I didn't care what sport it was, packs were being opened.

After learning about Drazen Petrovic years ago I took big interest in Petro. I really wasn't into cards much during that time. After coming back to the card world 3 or so years ago I just assumed that since I collected like crazy back when Drazen played, I would surely have some of his cards. In all the time I've searched, I've come across zero. How could I see his arguably best performance ever (dropping 40 on the Cavs in a playoff game) and never have a basketball card of his?

This wasn't right and I was about to make sure I had some Petrovic cards. I made the situation right last weekend.

Drazen Petrovic collection is up to 2.

Upper Deck 93. Pretty wild to think this would have been his last card. Cutting in the lane against Dallas.

Score 91. His first year with New Jersey. So far, this is my favorite card I own, depicting his great jump shot.

One day, I intend on visiting Croatia to see Sibenik (where he grew up) and Zagreb where his memorial center is located.


John Bateman said...

1991-92 Fleer

Sooz said...

My parents are from the same area of Europe as him. So I was always drawn to him when he played.

I saved one of his cards in a little jewelry box when I was a kid.

I wish I knew where that was now though.

wickedortega said...


Send me your address at i know that i have a couple of Drazen laying around i think i have his rookie too... And don't worry you don't own me nothing... And you want VD too? Let me know!! Wicked-

Andrew said...

@John, haha yeah my bad, it is a Fleer.

@Sooz, You're a former Yugo too? I don't exactly know where I'm from, long story on that.

@Wickedortega, I'll shoot you an email. However, let me know what or whom you collect, and I'll send something your way. I'll pass on Divac, thanks though!