Wednesday, June 4, 2008


2/10? Yeah right. If memory serves me right, this card is out of /530 or so. Update doesn't parallel that much. Good try. Anyone that pays $50 for this should be refunded.

Here's a real version of the card. To be totally honest, I didn't think fake relics would make it's way onto a low end Sizemore card.

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Laurens said...

It might not be a fake, though the set seems confusing - check the link provided [not my page].

Also, I would believe the die-cut window displaying the event worn piece would be in a bad shape if someone tried to replace the piece in there.

More importantly, the card is labeled as a 'jersey' card instead of a instead of a 'patch.'

As a result of a production error, all single-swatch cards [otherwise common] in the insert set from 2007Topps Updates were labeled as 'patches.'