Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mini Box 4

After last night's heart-breaking loss for my Pens, I've given up hockey cards (for now) and gone back to baseball. I haven't tried to collect any sports set since NFL MVP 2000, which I completed. Granted I have completed various MLB Showdown sets, but those have barely any value. Given the fact that they are almost impossible to find now, I've gone to Topps Finest 08. Currently, I'm sitting at about 28% of the base set done. So without further adieu, here is installment number 4 (of 5).

Pack One:
Wladimir Balentien Rookie (Mariners)
Seth Smith Rookie (Rockies)
Paul Konerko
Manny Ramirez Refractor
Aaron Harang

Boring pack. I did want the Balentin though, if not for the set, for his fun name.

Pack Two:
Tim Hudson
Josh Banks Rookie (Blue Jays)
Finest Moments Dan Haren Refractor
Finest Moments Clay Bucholz
Nick Markakis

There are way too many Finest Moments Inserts in this set, and at about 3-4 a mini box, it'd be impossible to complete. Luckily I got two in this pack.

Pack Three:
Frank Thomas
Jeff Francis
Tom Glavine Blue Refractor /299
Topps Team Favorites Bobby Crosby
Nick Markakis

Another Markakis to end the pack. I hope this isn't a collation trend that I will see repeat itself. Bad card collation is the biggest pet peeve of mine. This is what slowly turned me off of a game I loved to play and collect, MLB Showdown.

Pack Four:
Chase Utley
Ryan Hanigan Rookie (Reds)
Dan Haren Gold Refractor /50
Freddy Sanchez Refractor
Troy Glaus

Wow. I didn't think I'd ever pull a Gold Refractor, even though they are listed as 1:7 packs. Now all I need is a White X-Fractor (yeah right). Cool that I pulled a Freddy Refractor to boot.

Pack Five:
Ryan Zimmerman
Alberto Gonzalez Rookie (Yankees)
Clint Sammons Rookie Blue Refractor Blue Ink Autograph (Braves) /399
Finest Moments Brandon Phillips

Well Sammons is my autograph for this box. And looking at the back of the card to check his stats, I don't think this card will gain any value. Although a quick check on Baseball Reference, and Sammons is currently in AAA hitting .273/.343/.373/.716. Mediocre at it's finest! Oh well, still a cool card.

Pack Six:
Bill Murphy Rookie (Diamondbacks)
Dan Meyer Rookie (A's)
Topps Team Favorites Dual Robinson Cano/Melky Cabrera Refractor
Topps Team Favorites Robinson Cano
Brad Hawpe

Not bad at all. Two inserts I did not have yet, along with two rookies and Brad "Drop It Like It's" Hawpe.

Mini Box breakdown:
Percent of Set Complete: 38% (63 out of 166)
Doubles: 2, Topps Team Favorites Bobby Crosby, Nick Markakis
Refractor: 2, Manny Ramirez, Freddy Sanchez,
Blue Refractor /299: Tom Glavine
Gold Refractor /50: Dan Haren
Topps Team Favorites: Bobby Crosby
Topps Team Favorites Dual Refractor: Melky Cabrera/Robinson Cano
Finest Moments: Clay Bucholz, Brandon Phillips
Finest Moments Refractor: Dan Haren
Rookie Autographs Blue Refractor /299: Clint Sammons

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