Friday, June 6, 2008

Number 5, The Finale.

So here's the last of my boxes of Topps Finest, for at least a little while. So far I'm at 38% done for this set, and at a rate of 18 base set cards per box, this is an expensive and tough set to get. Out of all my boxes, my biggest pull by far has been the Jay Bruce redemption. Since then, I have not pulled a redemption card nor have I pulled anything crazy (1/1, cut autos). Most likely, Ebay will be the way I go about collecting the rest of this set. But before I check out Ebay, I'll finish by opening my last box. Here goes:

Pack One:
Felipe Paulino Rookie (Astros)
Manny Ramirez
Vernon Wells
Jermaine Dye
Felipe Paulino Rookie Refractor (Astros)
Eric Byrnes

Well, a pretty tame pack to start things off. Although this was tame, I am almost positive I needed all of these cards to build my set, so thumbs up.

Pack Two:
Eric Chavez
Finest Moments David Wright Blue Ink Autograph
Finest Moments Felix Hernandez
Lance Berkman

Well I pulled my autograph in the second pack, and what a great auto it is. David Wright is the second coming of Christ to most Met's fans, and his signature is right up there with Brian Bannister. Kinda pissed I only got 7 cards though, what the hell Topps?

Pack Three:
Jake Peavy
Frank Thomas
Donny Lucy Rookie Blue Refractor /299 (White Sox)
Topps Team Favorites Dual Alfonso Soriano/Felix Pie
Brian McCann

Cool. A nice variety of stuff in this pack. Although now that I got another Team Favorite Dual card, I'm really wondering when Felix Pie became a fan favorite up in the north side.

Pack Four:
Brandon Webb
Andruw Jones
Chris Young Green Refractor /199
Redemption Card Number 5
Alex Rodriguez Refractor
Jorge Posada

Hey I finally got another Redemption card. Thankfully it was not number 3. I really think that the Fukodome card will be announced right around the All Star Game, so getting number 5 helps my chances, I hope.

Pack Five:
Robinson Cano
Billy Buckner Rookie (Diamondbacks)
Finest Moments Andy Pettitte Refractor
Finest Moments Ryan Howard
Scott Kazmir

Meh, not a bad pack, not a great one. I wish that the Pettitte card wasn't a refractor, there's so many Finest Moments cards to collect (Ankiel!). However, I'm thinking about trying to complete a refractor complete set too, but that is pretty insane along with being very costly.

Pack Six:
Gary Matthews
Mel Stocker Rookie (Brewers)
Finest Moments Tom Glavine Blue Refractor /299
Topps Team Favorites David Wright
Roy Oswalt

A nice way to end my box run. Looking at the back of Mel Stocker's card, I'm sensing this guy will never see daily play in the Majors. Drafted in 2001 and currently playing in Huntsville, that doesn't sound very promising. The Glavine I'm really happy about, I've always liked him and this card is real nice to have. The David Wright Team Favorites is a solid looking card too.

I'll edit this post a bit later with pictures.

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