Monday, June 14, 2010

MLB Showdown: 2000 Promotional Cards

I've covered this game before in this post. These cards pictured were prizes given away in MLB Showdown Leagues. All cards shown below are from the 2000 MLB Showdown set. To receive these promotional cards, or promo cards managers who had the best overall record or ranked as the best team in certain stat categories (HR, RBI, Pitching Wins).

I actually never participated in the Showdown Leagues in 2000. All of these came through trades or purchases from Ebay.

In 2000, there were 3 seperate Promo Sets:
Home Run Hitters (14 Cards)
Future Stars (13 Cards)
Diamond Stars (22 Cards)

I miss having Manny on the Tribe. Complete offensive monster at the plate. His last at bat at Jacobs Field before leaving for Free Agency, a homer. Salt in the wound.

My childhood officially ended when Griffey retired earlier this month. I can try to relive it by playing Ken Griffey Presents MLB for Super Nintendo, or play Showdown with this card.

A highly rated prospect in 1999 who quickly flamed out. The Future Star cards were essentially rookie cards that tried to lure sporting card collector's into purchasing MLB Showdown.

Warren Morris. MLB Showdown's Base Set was 462 cards. That leaves a lot of space for scrub guys to make the set. At 13 cards the Future Stars set really didn't give a lot of leverage for scrubs. Somehow Morris made the set. Either way, he's a Showdown legend, and Future Star forever.

Cleveland legend and current first base coach for the Tribe. This card was an odd one. As mentioned before, the Showdown Base Set was massive. However, Sandy didn't have a card. In fact, before purchasing a lot of promos off Ebay, I had no idea this card existed. In the 2000 Pennant Run expansion Alomar was given a card, with the exact same stats as this card.

I love this photo. The Crime Dog was a favorite of mine growing up too. Shame he never got to 500 Home Runs.

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