Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup Predictions

4 years of waiting and it's finally here. The best time of the year, World Cup 2010. I'm a huge soccer/football fan and contemplated taking a month off of my work to watch it (seriously). Not many of the sporting card blogs talk about soccer as much as I do, so I've offered up my predictions for this year's World Cup. My two surprise picks in this WC are Uruguay and Serbia. Comments, predictions, questions about the game, post below.

group a- Mexico, Uruguay
group b- Argentina, Greece
group c- England, USA
group d- Germany, Serbia
group e- Netherlands, Japan
group f- Italy, Paraguay
group g- Brazil, Ivory Coast
group h- Spain, Honduras

Second Round
1 Mexico beat Greece
2 Serbia beat England
3 Netherlands beat Paraguay
4 Brazil beat Honduras
5 Uruguay beat Argentina
6 Germany beat USA
7 Italy beat Japan
8 Spain beat Ivory Coast

Serbia beats Mexico
Brazil beats Netherlands
Germany beats Uruguay
Spain beat Italy

Brazil beats Serbia
Spain beats Germany

Spain beats Brazil

Golden Boot
Fernando Torres (Spain)

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AdamE said...

Yahoo has some kind of group World Cup Fantasy game. I think it is kind of like the NCAA one. Maybe we need to hurry up and get a blogger one going before tomorrow.