Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One Week Later...

A week ago I posted about the Beckett interview featuring the guy who won the auction for the Strasburg Superfractor. Words like "dream card" "great investment" and "collector" were tossed around.

Now for many of us, we realize the complete absurdity for someone to spend so much money on an unproven rookie pitcher. To the remaining population that does not care or collect about Sports Cards, $16,000 is a huge purchase...on anything. When the term Sports Cards is tossed into the conversation the reaction is "what the hell?"

I personally think the best part of that whole interview was the fact that the man who bought the card is an accountant. Dude, you just wasted $16,000 on a cardboard picture. There is no way you can re-coup that money. If he used his practice in everyday life he would have stayed away thanks to the term "depreciation"....or simply, "this card is not worth a new car". And I would venture to guess that any accountant does their homework before a purchase is made...right?

Well now I come back after a vacation and find out the guy has put the card back up for sale. So much for that dream card. In all honesty, I am laughing at this whole ordeal and at insane some people are with impulse purchases. And don't tell me winning that card was not, I will not believe it. But yeah, good luck with selling that card for anywhere near what you paid for it, especially with the Red Parallel Auto on the market (doubling your total in price lol) and the fact that Bowman Chrome is coming out in a few months.

Simply put, you should have just bought your Rookie Roberto Clemente like you always wanted and saved yourself nearly $15,000.

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