Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Carl Pavano and YOU!

Carl Pavano is an Indian. I don't know why this happened, but it did. This signing better be no more than $2 million for this year alone.

After I wrote those sentences, I decided that I would try and make this article talking about the positives about Pavano, and how he should do somewhat decent this season with the Tribe. Perhaps our pitcher's park will somewhat suit his pitching and he can blossom and we'd either keep him and make a great post-season run and win it all, or if we somehow flop, we deal him out when his trade value is at an all time high thanks to his amazing CC-esque half of a season and get some nice return value.

But no. Nothing do I think will help Carl Pavano in his time in Cleveland. Although, it will be pretty awesome seeing Carl Pavano jersey shirts at the ballpark. I'm not going to lie either, I'll probably buy one, just for comedic value.

Dan Plesac, please come out of retirement and play for the Tribe.


The contract is $1.5 million with incentives that could kick it up to $5.3 million if he exceeds 130 Innings Pitched and 18 starts. I could see both being reached, but I surely hope not.

Michael Aubrey's time as a Cleveland Indian are done as he was bumped off the 40 man for Pavano's signing. Aubs has never been healthy for a full season, and at age 27 and only reaching the Majors once, I don't see him making a team. Sad end to a promising career.

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