Friday, January 9, 2009

Cavaliers Basketball.

I said I wouldn't do it. I promised myself I would not make this post. This season has been too good to be true, and growing up and seeing all the Cleveland failures, I do not want to believe this is actually a Cleveland team.

But my God, the Cavaliers. Yes, we have Lebron James. He can single handedly win a ball game. Just look at the video below.

Lebron aside, we've got a great back court for the first time since Ehlo and Price in Mo Williams and Delonte West. Z has been hurt, which really sucks because if there is any figure in Cleveland that deserves a title, it's him. He essentially polarizes everything about Cleveland sports. Longevity and dedication regardless of the team's record. Bad luck with injuries throughout his career. And getting to taste the finals, but never being able to win. I want Z to get a ring before he calls it quits.

With Z hurt, Andy Varejao's output has sky rocketed. He's taking 15 foot shots and actually making them. His hustle and grit is unremarkable. He's a grafter. Ben Wallace seems rejuvenated and I'd love to see him keep it up and go back to his 2003-2004 days.

Our bench is deep. I don't think I've ever been able to say that without sarcasm. Wally, Sasha, and Boobie. What I've liked about Wally the most this year is how he directs the court when he comes on with the other guys off the bench. Constantly keeping the squad together, telling them where to go, being a leader. A leader that this team has lacked when Lebron is off the court. Sasha is streaky. As much as I love the Serb, his play has lacked since his hold out last season, but it's getting back to the play everyone saw during the Playoff run back in 06-07. Gibson is just energy. He can defend and can shoot.

And then there's JJ Hickson and the other crop of rookies. Hickson sees the most time out of the others, but he also has deserved it. He mostly gets time when Wally is on the court and I believe that Wally's leadership (amongst others) has helped him immensely so far this season. And we'll need him later in the season, 82 games is quite a bit.

After tonight's win though, I couldn't help myself to post about this team. I've been dying to make this post for awhile now, I just didn't want to jinx it and watch the team come crashing down faster than a DC-10.

But we stuck it to Boston tonight, and even though it was a regular season game, it's still really nice to basically say "Fuck you Boston!"

So, Fuck you Boston.

Go Cavs!

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