Friday, January 23, 2009


I've searched for years for a place to find all the Football Champions cards I need. I am pretty sure I achieved that tonight.

To me, collecting cards isn't about pulling the biggest hits or the hottest rookies. What I like the most is the chase. The countless searching and the roller coaster ride that ensues. Over the last year, I've searched high and low for some of the rarest Football Champions cards, only to come up empty handed. These cards aren't sold in America. To me, that makes the chase all the more worth it. I've searched through UK's Google, Italy's Google, and France's Google. I cannot understand Italian or French, but to me, that makes the search all the more fun. Call me crazy.

I guess what keeps me going through all this is the optimism, that I might just stumble across what I've been looking for. And I think that might have happened when I found this website.

A few months ago, I posted how I'd pay a good amount for my favorite soccer player, Alex Del Piero's rare promo cards. To me, the rarest is his "foil stamped" Adidas logo card. I found it for roughly $8. The only drawback is that shipping will kill me. I also found many other rare promotional cards, which is awesome.

I just hope this company ships to America.

Oh, and sorry for the abundance of soccer related posts as of late, I'll go back to American sports eventually.

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