Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What is this card?

While going through my dad's cards last summer, I came across a lot of really awesome stuff. The first being the '58 Update of Mickey Mantle. I'm not a Yankee fan by any means, but to me, Mantle is baseball. I really love the 1950-1970's baseball Era and don't think the current MLB can ever come close to back then.

Another card I found was this one below. It's a Cap Anson card. My dad had written a year on it, which I am almost positive says "1903". The card is in really bad shape, however it's also a complete mystery as to what or where this came from. It's also the size of the Allen and Ginter Mini's, maybe a bit wider. I doubt my dad ever did own a card from 1903, but stranger things have happened. I searched Ebay for cap Anson cards and all that was listed were his Allen and Ginter from the 1880's.

I'd guess this is a reprint of some sort. It'd be really awesome if this were an actual tobacco trading card though. If it is, I'd probably never sell it, would you?

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MDA said...

It appears to be part of the 1963 Bazooka ALL-TIME GREATS set.

More info can be found here. Or here.