Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Crappy Hits, No Problem.

When I purchase packs, I always hope I get something cool. Usually that means an autograph card, jersey card, or an autographed jersey card. Unfortunately that's what's happened to this hobby and many people feel this way when they buy packs or boxes. It's very rare that people collect sets, although those collector's do exist.

If and when I do pull a hit, I'm really excited. Even if the player isn't that good. To be honest, I find the crappier hits more fun. That is, unless I spend $20 on a pack and pull this:

Dennis Sarfate. Neat card, crappy set. I was buying a lot of different brands back in 07 to see what I liked. SPx will never be purchased again after that. That's a post for another day though.

I think what makes collections unique is not only the cards you pull, but how you deal with the not so great hits. For myself, I cherish them. I love going back into my collection a few years later and looking at the cards I pulled and laughing at why that person would have an autographed card.

But seriously, who wouldn't want a collection with jersey cards of Eric Karros, Charlie Villanueva, and Luke Jackson? Or how about autographed cards of Dennis Sarfate or Miguel Montero?

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