Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random Oddities

Earlier today I went through an already opened pack of some hockey cards I bought earlier in the year. It was the UD Series 2 from last year with Malkin on the cover. I pulled a Rookie Materials Jonathan Toews card, which is my first ever game used hockey card. What is so odd about this pack, was that the first card in it was Patric Marleau of the San Jose Sharks.

When I purchased some of the new UD Black Diamond Hockey from this year, I pulled a Quad jersey of Thomas Vanek of Buffalo. The first card in that pack was also Patrick Marleau.

I guess whenever I pull a Marleau to start the pack, something good is inside. Hopefully that streak continues.

Also, whenever I find packs I opened awhile ago and then go through them again, I always seem to have Dmitri Young in them. For instance tonight, I found a pack of 2003 UD Vintage. Third card in the pack is Dmitri Young. Jim (the other blogger) and I purchased quite a bit of Allen and Ginter this year, and both of us pulled a lot of Dmitri Young cards, two of them being the game used jersey of him. It's become some sort of weird joke between us that whenever we get baseball cards, Dmitri will be inside.

Anyone else have a certain player that continues to pop up when they open packs?

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