Monday, January 19, 2009


The Steelers are going to the Superbowl again for the 2nd time since 2005/2006. The first time was under Bill Cowher. Then he left and they hired Mike Tomlin. Everyone became worried that the Steelers wouldn't be the same team as they were under Cowher.

So, far that doubt has proven to be completely false. The team hasn't skipped a beat at all. And now they face Arizona. Hate to say it, but this game is all Pitt.

And what do I have to cheer for in the NFL? Another awesome 4-12 team. Not even my team. My "team" played tonight against Pittsburgh. The current Browns just hired a coach, before hiring a GM. Genius, really it is.

There is no rivalry anymore, it the first night the Browns came back in 1999. 44-10 Sunday Night routing.

The Steelers have been to more Superbowls in the last 4 years than the Browns have in their entire history.

But I'll still continue to cheer for the Browns, because one day they'll be good. Maybe Randy can put some of the effort into them instead of Aston Villa.

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