Friday, January 2, 2009

Derosa, Yankee Stadium, Transfer Window

I've been in New York City over the last few days to celebrate New Years. While I no longer have any money left in my bank account, my liver, or a kidney which I might have sold on the black market to give myself more cash to spend in the city, it was a great time.

I did make it up to Yankee Stadium, which just to say I got there is something special. Unfortunately, the stores around the stadium do not sell any Cory Lidle shirts.

While I was celebrating the New Year, the Cavs lost a game in Miami, the English Premier League's Transfer Window opened, and the Tribe traded for Mark Derosa.

I have tickets for the Cavs game tonight 7 rows off the bench, and if they lose tonight I'm not talking about them the rest of the season.

As for the other Cleveland Team making positive moves, the Indians acquired Mark Derosa from the Cubbies. We only gave up RHP Jeff Stevens, RHP Chris Archer and LHP John Gaub. I had only heard of Stevens before this, because he was on the Olympic Team with LaPorta. Unfortunately Stevens one appearance was a blown save and he wasn't used again. With Randy Newsom tearing up our farm system, Stevens seemed that his time with us was running out. The other two are much lower in our farm system and don't have bad numbers, but whether they pan out won't be known for at least another few seasons.

Mark DeRosa on the other hand is an alright pick up. Obviously he won't get near his last season, which was the best of his career. I doubt Mark will be with us past this season, due to him being 34 and a free agent after this season. Plus we have Wes Hodges about a season away from coming up and hopefully doing more than Andy Marte could ever dream of.

With DeRosa's acquisition, this no longer means Peralta and Asdrubal will be moving to 3B and SS respectively. In doing so, I really strongly feel that Josh Barfield might not be with us when Spring Training opens up in about a month.

Speaking of a month long, this month should be a very exciting one for Tottenham. Harry Redknapp's honeymoon with us is over after not getting dumped by West Brom over the weekend 2-1. This game showed just how horrible our fowards have been and it is crucial we sign a foward who does more than just "run around". The midfield needs a defensive cog ASAP. Yes Luka is fantastic and much stronger than anyone thought the little Croat could be, but he can't do everything. Jenas is garbage. Bentley is about as good as, well nothing. He needs to ride the bench and actually watch the game and see what a right mid is all about. And please, no more expensive signings (Bellamy, Downing). They would not be worth our time and would only put us exactly where we were pre-Martin Jol era.

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