Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Transfer Window BS

Failed to sign Palacios from Wigan. Understandable since they are sitting pretty in 7th place right now while we are nearing the bottom. Could be of good use to us, but whatever.

Also, lol at the fact that Adriano is in the same breath as Spurs. To me, it's almost as ridiculous as Podolski to Spurs rumors that were rampant back in August. Adriano has been off and on for Inter, especially with Mourinho at the helm. That could help the cause for him leaving Inter, but no way do I see him wearing Lilywhite anytime soon. Scratch that, make it never wearing Lilywhite ever.

"Where is Tottenham and why would I go there?"

By far the icing on the cake to the Adriano rumor is that they want Jenas in return. Brilliant tabloid work there. No team in their right mind would want Jermaine Jenas. I hate to beat an old drum, but he does absolutely nothing. Other than that one free kick against United two seasons ago. But the only thing that did was get his rating over an 85 in FIFA. The only way that Jenas would go to Inter is if Comolli was a part of Milan's board. But even then, would Damien want Jenas?

Should have never left Newcastle.

Even if we didn't get Adriano, I'd gladly get rid of Jenas for Vieira. And yes, I know he is an ex-Gunner. But at this point, he'd help our already busted up midfield. Wouldn't mind seeing him playing mid next to Appiah.

It's a shame Niko Kranjcar is still hurt, I'd love to rid the team of Bentley and have Niko running the right side of the field. Link him up with Vedran behind him and Luka as a second striker. Hell, I just want to make the whole club Croatian.


Venice said...

Kranjcar is not injured anymore, he's been playing for a good while now... but he's not up to his best lately. Anyway, sticking him to the right - bad idea, Pompey tried it already but it never worked for them.
Anyway, I'm saddened that a classic 10 like him has to pretend to be a winger in EPL to get a place in the side. It's such a waste of his talent and only exposes his weaknesses. He'll always be more effective in the middle, where he can actually control the play...provided he has another cultured player around, someone like Modric.

I'd say it's the Spurs left that needs strengthening more than the right. If you're looking to make the whole team Croatian, why not go for Danijel Pranjic? He's been playing the LB for Croatia, but he's actually a left winger, and a great one. He's pacey with a great workrate, and he scored 12 goals for Heerenveen so far this season.

Andrew said...

Yeah, I know Niko is back, but he's not the Niko from last year, due to the injury. From the few Pompey games last season, I didn't think Niko was bad on the wing (usually left side), but I do agree he'd be a solid man to have in the middle. He's a tough player and would go hard into challenges, something all Spurs players lack right now.

I'm pretty much past the thought of ever having a real left side with Spurs. Bale still has hope, but his confidence is slowly dipping to levels that can and will damage his future.

And yes, I totally agree with you about Danijiel Pranjic. I've liked him for some time now and think he was fantastic in Euros. Eventually he'll get snapped up by some EPL team, most likely not Spurs.

If somehow we did get Pranjic, he'd easily slot to the left, pushing Lennon to the right flank and hopefully getting rid of Bentley altogether.

Venice said...

Niko does have a solid stature suitable for the EPL, but you can forget about him defending much. In fact one of the major things fans always resented him was the fact he actually pulls out of challenges a lot. He's improved greatly ever since he came to Portsmouth and does track back a lot more, but it's not his natural game. He's best when he has a grafter behind him, someone like Niko Kovac, or hopefully Vukojevic now that the captain retired.

While I'm at it, I'm not so fond of the idea of having Charlie as a defensive midfielder, he is skillful and reads the game well, but he lacks the drive and the workrate to be a great DM.

He's a strange footballer, come to think of it. He's much too versatile and skillful not to have in the side, but where do you put him? Slowish for a full back, slightly uncomfortable as a centerback and not mobile enough for a defensive midfielder. Wherever you put him he'll do the job, but you could never say he was born for that particular position.

Anyway, there's too much turmoil at the moment at Portsmouth so Kranjcar's bad form does not surprise me. This match they played vs Bristol last night, they played with a makeshift midfield without a proper DM. I can imagine how stressful it is for a player like him, whose natural instinct is to push forward.

When they balance out their side, you'll see Niko in a much better form.